I just discovered this myself just last Wednesday. I am relieved I’m not the only one.

“Holy shit!” I thought to myself. And I don’t often think with exclamation points. I normally maintain a fairly calm inner dialogue. But this was huge. I had just recognized that ‘Effigy,’ a song I’d credited to Uncle Tupelo as one of the best songs of all time was, in fact, a Creedence Clearwater Revivial Cover. Say what? WHAT?! I had no idea Fogerty had it in him. Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate him as a songwriter and a musician, but that song just kills me every time I hear it. It has such depth in arrangement, instrumentation and the lyrics, especially sung by Jay Farrar are hypnotizing. Staggering. It grabs ahold of my shoulders and stares me down for the whatever six minutes that its on. In fact, I was working at ye olde Terminal Bar when I heard it come over the loudspeakers and I stopped in my tracks and completely forgot what I was doing. I just sort of staggered over to the sound guy booth, turned it up and listened. I had to cut it off when the band was ready to play, but as soon as they were done I put it back on and cranked. Usually I try and play something like the band who’s playing at the time, but I just said fuck it and put it on anyway. As an added bonus, you can follow the link at the top to find both versions of the song and judge for yourself.On a happy note, the writer’s strike is over. Apparently the deal wasn’t exactly what they were hoping for, but somehow more than they were expecting. I suppose that’s the nature of compromise. It was clear that neither side was going to get or give everything. Unfortunately, seeing as it has taken as long as it has, it means that many of the shows that have been cut off might not be returning until the fall. See? I knew I was better off not dabbling into the whole Heroes thing. And really, who’s gonna miss Chuck and Bionic Woman? But what of Grey’s Anatomy? What of my friends who love the Lost? It looks like either they get finished off to the end of the regular season or put off until next. I’m just happy that poor, tired, paper footballing Jon Stewart will finally have some help and be funny again. I hope. Neither has to carry the show any longer and that is good, good news.

And on a somewhat sad note, there’s this guy. You have to wait for it, but wow. I think its worth it. Am I wrong?

On a plus note, tomorrow will be 2 minutes and 57 seconds longer than today. It adds up…and eventually equals warmth. Sometimes I forget what that feels like.

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