By Air

Part II.

I’m definitely not as happy with this one.

It doesn’t feel refined enough. Too rough. Too many maybe songs….potential throwaways.
I might cinch it up at some point, take out the throwaways and just have a happier, shorter mix. An edit.


  1. Busdriver – Yes Get Up
  2. Nobody – Wake Up and Smell the Millenium
  3. Radiohead – Videotapez (Amplive Remix feat Del Tha Funky Homosapien)
  4. Devotchka – Transliterator
  5. The Killers – Shadowplay
  6. Kate Nash – Foundations
  7. Klaxons – Golden Skans
  8. Mark Ronson feat Amy Winehouse – Valerie
  9. Blitzen Trapper – Wild Mountain Nation
  10. Magnetic Fields – Drive On, Driver
  11. The Kills – U.R.A. Fever
  12. Vampire Weekend – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
  13. MGMT – Electric Feel
  14. Timbaland – The Way I Are
  15. Moby – Alice
  16. Hot Chip – Over and Over
  17. LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great
  18. Desdamona – The Source
  19. Band of Horses – Islands on the Coast
  20. Flight of the Conchords – If You’re Into It
  21. The Hold Steady – Your Little Hoodrat Friend
  22. Ween – Learnin to Love

Lots of songs. Lots of goodness. I might just change it up before I call it done done.

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