Sundays are for Resting

For about a seven year year stretch, I had split days off at work.  In the four years I’ve been at my current job, I’ve had about a cumulative year (in pieces) with two consecutive days off.  More recently, I’ve been blessed with actual weekends.  It’s amazing.

One thing I’ve noticed is how Sundays act as a sort of pivot point between the week ending and a kind of preparation for the week ahead.  I’ve noticed my music choices change as well.  Instead of the usual up tempo, in your face and more often than not, dancey music that fills my week I’m instead drawn in the opposite direction.

During the week I might choose Dada Life, Watch the Throne or Calvin Harris.  But on Sunday, I see those names and I’m turned off.  Instead I go for Joe Strummer, Cat Stevens, Sufjan Stevens, The xx, Bon Iver…I’ve also noticed that in lieu of down-tempo I will opt for something I listened to five, ten or 20 years ago.  The Beatles double albums (red and blue), Metallica, Tricky or Tool.  Maybe it’s a reflection on the day itself, reflecting on the past week’s events to prepare you for what comes next.  Maybe I’m forcing it to mean something by assigning these songs to this day in particular.

If that’s the case, I don’t really mind.  It’s good to re-visit music and memories from time to time.  What songs or albums do you keep coming back to?  What’s your Sunday soundtrack?

Jimmy’s diggin stacks:

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