Sunday Sounds: Tycho

This is the album that got me thinking about Sunday-specific music.  It’s downbeat, but not so much so as, say, ambient music.  Everything is more subdued, but not enough to be background.

Maybe that speaks to the purpose or the criteria for Sunday Sounds, which could be as more of a soundtrack and less of a driving force than music you’d listen to get ready to go out on a Saturday night.  It will instead guide you through your decompression from the week leading up to it as well as help ease you into the week ahead.  Ke$ha is the absolute last thing I want to hear on a Sunday afternoon, but I’ll put her on a Friday night mix without question.

Another thing I’ve noticed about music on Sundays is that I’m less likely to reach to change the song, and I don’t feel the need to have a different artist from song to song, so I’m more likely to listen to an entire album at a time.  Sunday Songs, indeed Sunday Albums are on the whole complete works, more often concept albums or something released as a whole work and not a greatest hits album.  Never a greatest hits album.

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