Sunday Sounds: Daft Punk

There’s a lot of Random Access Memories that fits into the vague criteria of Sunday music.  It is laid back, it’s a kind of retrospective composition, and it prompts me to think about the past week and history in general.

I see Sunday sun in the guitars.  I don’t know how else to explain it.  I’m absolutely smitten with this album in a way I did not see coming.  It also reminds me of a specific period in my life, listening to Beach Boys records with my parents when we still lived in California.  They’d play it while they cleaned the house, and I’d sit in front of the stereo and just listen while everything went on around me, immersed in their harmonizing vocals with lyrics that sounded like Happy Days.  Years later, this would lead to me going through their record collection and happening upon the collected works albums of ’62-’66 and ’67-’70, and being blown away by their story, their evolution and every little piece of the soundscape.


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