Sunday Sounds: Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights is one guy, Derek Vincent Smith, who’s been instrumental in carving out his own corner of music.  Impossible to be summed up in a single genre, his music ventures into hip-hop, trip-hop, glitch, dub, pop and takes influences from a dozen other genres and hybrids.

Derek Vincent Smith is the opposite of a lazy Sunday.  I would imagine a typical Sunday for him starts with a wake and bake, eats a little cereal while scribbling out ideas for songs.  He listens to a mix of jazz and funk records for inspiration, then moves to his home studio to tidy up a couple tracks.  While there, he sets up his weekly schedule, producing songs with his label-mates like Michal Menert and SuperVision, then moves on to an afternoon of phone interviews and then more work in the studio.  Every once in a while, you need a hyper-productive, Derek Vincent Smith kind of Sunday.

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