Sunday Sounds: Land of the Loops

Land of the LoopsThe man behind Land of the Loops is Alan Sutherland who, according to his bio, found turntables and a sampler in a dumpster, recovered them and taught himself how to make music with them.  What eventually came from his self education was an album called ‘Bundle of Joy’ in 1996, which featured one of my favorite songs of all time, “Multi-Family Garage Sale.”

In 1996 gas was still under a dollar per gallon, so you could still afford to drive around aimlessly and have mini road trips.  Growing up in the suburbs of Minneapolis meant we took quite a few road trips to escape the boredom and sterility.

It was on one of these frequent road trips, on a Sunday night that I first heard this song with four of my friends crammed into my little Ford Tempo.  We were far from home, driving through the inky darkness of rural highways.  It’s hard to tell if we were going somewhere or just driving aimlessly, just trying to get away from the monotony.  There was a lot of laughing, conversation and bickering up to that point, but as soon as this song came on, we all shut up and just listened.

Some Sundays are for disappearing, getting away from life and it’s complications.  It’s funny that in a physical sense we were attempting just that, but it turned out that instead it was this song that wound up taking us away, to a happier and more serene place than we wound up. AF4RQWBBY83A

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