Who is Ryan Lewis?

On the rightIf you haven’t heard “Thrift Shop” or “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, you’re missing out.  You also must live under a rock.

On first glance, the relationship looks like Macklemore is Batman and Ryan Lewis is Robin.  Every time “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis” are mentioned, the focus is on Macklemore.  If you watch the video (link) for any of their videos, the focus is on Macklemore.  Ryan Lewis is in the credits and, in fact, in the videos, but Macklemore is the face.

What you don’t know and what I didn’t know is that Ryan Lewis is responsible for everything surrounding that face.  The branding, photography, album sleeve design, web site, backing music writing and recording were all done by Ryan Lewis.  He may even cut Macklemore’s hair.  Think of it this way: Macklemore is like a Nascar driver, and Ryan Lewis is his pit crew, sponsors and also provides the track.  He creates a perfect scenario from song to song for Macklemore to showcase his skills.

In all honesty, it would be more fair to call them “Ryan Lewis & Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.”

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