Sunday Sounds: Atmosphere

SLUG by joshua t pearsonSo you hit the sauce a little hard last night.  You stayed out longer than you meant to, you recognized the exact point where you had had enough to drink, but you put another order in anyway when the waitress came by instead of asking for the check.  That’s what the sun is mad at Slug about, “giving half the day to last night.”  He’s tempted to lay around all day, feeling sorry for himself until the bad feeling goes away.

Instead, he literally falls out of his house in front of his bike.  He takes that as a sign, hops on and takes a ride around the lakes of Minneapolis.  He remembers he loves the city, the parks, the pretty ladies and that life is actually pretty good, contrary to how his day began.  This song could just as easily have been called, “Vitamin D.”

Slug finds the solution to his hangover is not time, or Advil, but something completely unexpected, like a bike ride.  His suggestion for a Sunday would be to do something unexpected to fix yourself, to change your perception and appreciate how good you’ve got it.


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