Sunday Sounds: Savoy

Three Against NatureHey, so do you remember when Daft Punk kinda made you feel bad about wanting another Daft Punk album?  Sure, you were impressed with their bravado, their amazing songwriting and innovation, creating something new using the sounds they grew up on?  Maybe you thought to yourself, “Yeah, this is great and everything, but where’s the new Daft Punk record?  You know, Daft Punk?

You’re not alone.  There are a lot of people thinking the same thing.  I appreciate “Random Access Memories” for what it is, but I want the heavy, driving beats, the vocoder, the atmospherics and everything.  I want it to make me want to dance my ass off, and not in a clever tribute to Soul Train kind of way.

Well, this is your lucky day.  Here comes Savoy, a duo out of Boulder, Colorado to the rescue.  It’s only a four song EP, but it comes through in face-meltingly awesome detail.  Don’t let the face that it’s FREE take away from it.  People give away amazing music all the time, but it doesn’t mean it’s bad or that there’s no value.  I highly suggest following them on Soundcloud for new releases and occasional 60+ minute mixes that are perfect soundtracks for everything, from shopping malls to sexy time to housecleaning to pre-partying.

I should warn you: This Sunday, before you hit play, strap on your dancing shoes and prepare to hit  repeat.  Thank them by supporting them on tour.


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