Sunday Sounds: deadmau5

deadmau5It’s true, the majority of deadmau5’s material is the last thing a person would want to play on a relaxing, down-tempo Sunday afternoon.  It’s loud, in your face, heavy marching beats and saw-like synths aren’t exactly compatible.

It is also true that it’s pronounced “dead mouse” and not “dead mau-five.”

However, some of deadmau5’s songs provide the perfect Sunday atmosphere, particularly his longer works that seem to hold the producer’s seemingly fragile and erratic attention span.  He’s also somebody who appreciates the resting power and solitude that comes from the occasional isolation from the “Saturday night culture” of EDM and non-stop tours.  In the past year, he’s taken a full step back on tours and cut his number of live shows down by more than half, and his music output has improved in not only quantity but also in quality.

One of the things I appreciate about Joel Zimmerman, aka deadmau5 is that he posts a lot of music to SoundCloud as he’s producing it, so his fans can kind of track the development of songs and larger bodies of work.  This Sunday, run a self-check and see if you might be spreading yourself a bit thin.  If so, find some way to dedicate yourself to fewer projects and focus on that improvement.  Or just do a slow two-step while you enjoy the mini-playlist below…


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