Sunday Sounds: Leslie Winer

Leslie Wears a HatMusic stores used to be a big deal, back when music consumption meant physical media consumption.  To buy music was to buy stuff and you couldn’t have one without the other.  It’s why I have crates of records (less after a fire) and an obscene number of cd’s that I haven’t touched since I ripped them over the course of two weeks several years ago.

Before the Internet became my main source of music news, releases, writing and connection to the artists themselves, I was required, like everybody else, to seek out new music however I could.  Through recommendations from friends, music store employees, print magazines or simple, random shots in the dark as I’m thumbing through hundred’s of cd’s with no idea what to buy.  The latter was the case when I picked up a compilation called Volume when I worked at one such (short-lived) music store, Media Play in 1994.

Volume was a music magazine that came with a beautifully curated collection of electronica, indie and remixes from the UK.  It was for hipster music nerds, and they did an amazing job.  Volume was how I found Leslie Winer, who was only listed as ©, the copyright symbol.  This also made it difficult, even when online research became easier, to find any more information about her.  As informational as the book was, it didn’t give a name, only referred to her as the symbol and noted she worked closely with William S. Burroughs, of all people.

Tonight, I finally found out © was actually Leslie Winer, that she’s made four albums worth of material and is apparently regarded as the “godmother of trip-hop,” which I learned is a thing.  I couldn’t be more elated.  I have so much listening to do.  This Sunday, try and clean out your closets, be they metaphorical or literal.

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