Review: Break Science | Seven Bridges

Break Science w/RedmanIn a word, the new Break Science record is bangin.  I don’t use that kind of vocabulary in my day-to-day life, but there is no better description for Seven Bridges.

I can’t decide if the first song, Brain Reaction, belongs in a car commercial aimed at people who like sleek, fast and sexy cars or if it belongs in an action montage showing the movie’s protagonist taking down an army of bad guys or if it could fit in perfectly in any GTA V sequence.  It’s the perfectly loud, raucous and hard-hitting backing for Redman to do his thing.  This is a hip-hop album made by kids who grew up listening to late nineties hip-hop, and crafted their sound around it.

The highlight of the record might be ‘Breath of Space’ featuring the vocal work of Sonya Kitchell. It’s a down-tempo turn, but a welcome one as I suspect without it, the listener may wind up bobbing their head right off.  The song is smooth, seductive and I play it twice each time I listen to the album.  It also features something rare in a lot of EDM, hip-hop and even the band’s own Glitch Hop genre, which is breathing room.  It’s a lull in a song or album where the levels aren’t all up to eleven.

Another song I can’t get enough of is ‘Take it to the Floor,’ featuring Dominic Lalli (of Big Gigantic).  Lalli has something of a midas touch with his saxophone, as exhibited on previous collaborations with Cherub and Griz, and this song is no exception.  In all honesty, I can’t remember what this song sounds like because every time I listen to it, I find myself in a trance until it’s over and I’m just blankly staring at a blinking cursor.

The album continues in much the same way, with manic highs and hypnotizing lows.  Aside from the music, the best part of the album could be that Break Science makes it available at no cost via SoundCloud or through the Pretty Lights Music site.  It’s the “pay what you can, when you can” standard on the PLM label.  The most important thing to them is that the music is shared.  So the next time they come to town, make sure to pony up to see them tear it up.  Having seen them several times, I highly recommend it.  Maybe you can even buy my ticket.

Break Science even goes out with a bang on the last track, another collab with Redman called, ‘Who Got It.’   Along with the first track it forms a perfect Redman sandwich, which A) works beautifully and B) makes me think a new Method Man/Redman with Break Science record could be on the horizon.  Or should be.

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