Fierce: Lizzo | LIZZOBANGERS

LizzobeakImagine for a moment that Mary J.  Blige, T-Boz and Missy Elliot had a lovechild, who brought her up on a strict diet of 90’s hip-hop and you’d have a something like Lizzo.

Now, team that lovechild up with production from Lazerbeak sounding like he drew inspiration from a slick combination of RZA and Laurie Anderson, and in louder parts, machine gun fire.  The backing is a perfect match to Lizzo, loud and raucous when she’s aggressive and subdued when she reigns it back in.  He, wisely, never gets in her way.

On the first track, Lizzie Borden, Lizzo goes straight for the throat.  The song’s namesake, a famous case of a woman getting away with murder, is an odd choice of comparison as Lizzo doesn’t seem to be hiding, nor trying to get away with anything.  She lays it all out ‘as is.’

The list of name titles could suggest the album is a gag, but that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.  Lizzo’s lyrics are genuine, clever and, for the most, quite serious.

LIZZOBANGERS is made up of 13 quick songs, worth every penny. (buy it here or via iTunes) Highlights include “Lizzie Borden,” Werk It Pt II and Bus Passes and Happy Meals, which closes out the record with a bang.

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