frankles’ free friday

I’ve decided to add another “day” to the site, Frankles’ Free Fridays.  I’m going to keep track of a few songs during the week and present them to my readers as a thank you.  New music can be tricky to find and even more tricky to afford, so I’m going to help everybody out as best I can, and not in a “here’s a great torrent link” kind of way.  I’m going to work to find downloads from as direct a source as possible, either from the artist themselves or through their label.  If I find it by way of another blog, I’ll note that so you can add it to a source for new music as well.

Today’s selection is a smorgasbord of delectable goodness for your ears.  First off, it’s the newly released song from Gramatik, featuring Exmag and Cherub in a somewhat derogatory, but dead sexy song called “Obviously,” which you can download through Gramatik’s SoundCloud here.  Exmag includes Gramatik and his guitarist Eric Mendelssohn, so it’s a little confusing on how his song can feature a band he’s a part of.  But it’s his song, right?  There’s also a video:

Next up is a 50-minute mix by Minnesota-born Gigamesh.  It’s a great mix to get ready for going out, cleaning or hosting an impromptu dance party.  Just don’t try to sit down for it.  You can listen below and when you’re sold go ahead and download it here.

Speaking of misogyny,(I have more to say about this, which I’ll be posting soon)  finishing off the trio is Diplo’s “Boy oh Boy,” feat GTA.  It’s an addictive mix built around Missy Elliot, which is never a bad thing when done right.  He released this on the heels of his “Revolution” EP last week.  It’s fun and will bring the dancing pants out of even the most curmudgeonly people you know.  (Note that to download the track you’ll have to click on the song title, which will lead to the song’s SoundCloud page, where there’s a download button.)

That does it for this Friday, have a good weekend!

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