frankles free friday

It’s Friday again, and of course that means free music from Frankles.  Starting us off is GRiZ, who from the look of him was probably a little weird in high school, commiserated with all the other weird kids, probably made a bunch of clicking and beeping sounds in back of class.  He now gets to tour the US seemingly as much as he wants, plays with Gramatik, Big Gigantic and any of the other amazing musicians he crosses paths with, and he just started up his own record label.   He’s busy and ambitious and I like that.

Just out: Rebel Era.  For free.  Download here or listen below:

Just in time for Halloween and all the parties, candy and inappropriately sexy costumes it entails is a remix of Ghostbusters by Kill Paris:

Pretty Much Amazing Podcast #52:  It’s a great mix, featuring the weird duo of James Blake feat Chance the Rapper, the psuedo-80’s angst of Twin Shadow, the Weeknd, a Drake remix and more.  Their mixes are great for housecleaning, I usually have at least one WTF moment and one pleasantly surprised one per podcast.  I still go back to their Coachella 2011 playlist.  It’s that good.  Download it here or through iTunes/whatever likely more respectable software you use for podcasts.

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