Sunday Sounds: Lou Reed

Lou ReedTo be honest, I was having a hard time coming up with the subject for this Sunday.  Then the subject found its way to me in the worst possible way, “Did you hear Lou Reed died?”  Wait, what?!  I was aware he was having health issues, because I was sorely disappointed when he cancelled his Coachella appearance last April.

In the course of my concert history, I’ve had several missed opportunities like this, where the musician dies after I (or they) miss a show, then die shortly afterward (case in point: Morphine/Mark Sandman).  I’ve also been fortunate in other cases, as with seeing Nirvana five months before Kurt Cobain took his own life.

Musically speaking, Lou Reed managed to do a lot with not very much.  He didn’t have a great voice, traditionally speaking, but he managed to create a sound and style that suited his abilities and highlighted his songwriting strengths perfectly.  It also made for interesting collaborations with people who have those traditional strengths like David Bowie as well as those with similar…challenges as Reed, like Iggy Pop and Nico.

This Sunday, I’m tempted to suggest carpe diem, to seize opportunities while they’re still available to you.  I may instead suggest to not settle for your weaknesses, to find a way to work with them and make them work for you.

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