Sunday Sounds: Ulrich Schnauss

ulrich-schnaussWhile the name may sound unfamiliar, you’ve likely encountered his music at some point in the past decade.  You may want to listen to the music first, then consider how odd it is that his music was featured as part of a Tiger Woods video game, Gran Turismo 4 or even a GMC Superbowl commercial.  It’s strange, but his music is unexpectedly versatile.

In a time where an electronic music producers success is largely based on a combination of marketable vanity (see: Nicky Romero) as well as an unending serious of drops, it’s no wonder Schnauss remains relatively unknown.  His music is more subdued than that, keeping the listener’s attention without the use of cheap tricks.

Spotify’s music suggestion system is pretty clunky. It’s at least partially based on sponsored content, but also on listening history. I hadn’t listened to Ulrich Schnauss in about seven years, well-pre-dating my use of Spotify. In spite of that time disparity, there he was on the list of recommended new albums. Right between Katy Perry and the ’20/20 Experience.’  It’s been a welcome and much-needed reintroduction to Schnauss’ work.  I’m passing on that favor to you, the reader.

This Sunday, dig through an old box of music or pictures, try and find something that used to make you happy.  In all likelihood, it’ll still do the trick.

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