UGH: deadmau5’s Digital Temper Tantrum

There were two pieces of news that came out this week from deadmau5.  First, that he decided to stop using Twitter.  His account will still be open, but he has ceased to use it, leaving it in the capable hands of his management company.  This is and of itself isn’t really news, but a lot of magazines and sites reported it as such, so I guess that makes it news by some definition.

The more news-worthy item is that deadmau5 gave his SoundCloud account an enema, then re-loaded it with seven new songs, one for each of the seven deadly sin.  They sound kind of like Trent Reznor just watched a sad movie, then decided to play piano.  In a statement, he declared that he will continue using SoundCloud to push out his new music, which he will now be able to produce more of since he’s cut out the distraction that is Twitter.

Here’s the thing: leaving Twitter makes a lot of sense.  He’s released a handful of great tracks amongst a bunch of sub-par work over the past few years, and I feel like a big part of that is the fact that he’s constantly trolling Facebook or Twitter and not putting much thought into his music.  I’m totally in favor of deadmau5 making more and better music.  But I’m not in favor of deadmau5, or Joel, as a person.

I’m guessing his sudden departure from Twitter also has to do with his random lashing out at the world around him(See Tiesto & Lady Gaga & Afrojack for starters).  When Joel sees something he doesn’t like, he points it out to the rest of the world.  Funny, you don’t see Daft Punk posting about how this fanboy from Toronto might be taking it too far after creating an alternate persona complete with light-up mask, an LED pyramid and who commissioned the same custom synthesizer they’d commissioned themselves for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.  Nor did anybody make a big fuss when deadmau5 claimed he wasn’t “rolling in cash” like everybody assumes and then bought a $120,000 piano, the condo next door to him to gut and set up his studio, then start a series of inane videos of him taxiing fellow producers in a Ferrari to get coffee.

The bright side is that Twitter has one less TwitterPolice, and SoundCloud has one more dedicated producer.  Now put the far-superior-to-the-original demo of ‘There Must Be Coffee’ back up stat.

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