frankles free fridays

I’m really excited for the first free song this Friday, a song off of Jamie xx’s new release where the creative energy was focused entirely on the song itself and didn’t spare a drop for the title, ‘Untitled.’  The sound he cultivates with the xx always borders on dance, like any second the beat could drop, all the muted sound sheds, the sound opens up and the key shift into a happy major.  But it doesn’t.  He shows an almost annoying amount of restraint with the xx.  It’s admirable.  I was fortunate enough to see him DJ at Coachella this past year (that is where the background from the frankles’ free fridays graphic comes from) and there is no such restraint in his sets.  Free of any of the same restrictions, he shows that he just wants to party.

Saving this is a little tricky. It’s actually free, but you have to click the little ‘Buy’ button and it will advise there’s no charge but encourage you to buy the full release when it comes out.  Apparently somebody forgot to inform Jamie or his label that that’s kind of implied with SoundCloud.

Next up is a new song from Neneh Cherry, something I wouldn’t have predicted a week ago, but I’m happy about nonetheless.  I reviewed ‘Blank Project’ off the release, noting the familiar formula that reminded me of early Tricky releases with Martina Topley-Bird.  This song, ‘Nina,’ is a little different as far as vocals.  Also produced by Four Tet, there’s a familiar subtle, synth-driven backing, but the vocals, a duet between Cherry and Afrika Baby Bam (of the Jungle Brothers, sounding much like his name-sake) are more spoken word, free-jazz style.  If that’s your thing, you’ll love it.  If you love Four Tet, you will at least appreciate it.

Finishing up is a song off Grizzly Bear’s new album of remixes called “B-Sides,” remixed by Brazilian trio Bonde do Role, infusing an entirely different rhythm, adding a syncopated beat and creating a song that contains the basic ingredients of the original, but re-made in a way that bears Bonde do Role’s fingerprint.  It’s the best kind of remix.

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