frankles free fridays

I got the chance (this will be funny in a second) too see Chance the Rapper (okay, so it’s not that funny) open up for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at the Minnesota State Fair last August and, well, he’s a bit kooky.  He attempted to coordinate a large-scale audience participation throughout his show, focusing more on theatrics instead of, say, rapping.   He asked the crowd at one point if anybody had heard of Chicago.  The city.  The third largest city in the United States, the same United States where he was playing.  It’s six hours away, Chance, yes we’ve all heard of Chicago.  “Y’all ever heard Chicago music?”  He followed up.  Facepalm.  Yes, Chance, everybody has at some point encountered music created by somebody from Chicago.  It’s almost impossible not to.  Muddy Waters, Smashing Pumpkins, Kanye West, OK Go, Styx, Lupe Fiasco, the band Chicago.  We’ve all heard Chicago music.  “This is some Chicago music.”  Well, just making sure we’ve got all our bases covered, I guess.  Here’s Chance’s mixtape free to download so you, too, can hear some Chicago music.

James Blake recently won the prestigious, if not mildly controversial Mercury Prize in the UK last month, and apparently decided to celebrate with a remix of Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills.”  It’s an odd, lo-fi take on a new classic, the lyrics made even more amusing considering Mrs. Carters’s career and personal arc up to now.  Also amusing is James Blake’s

Lastly, I’m going to cheat a little, but it’s for good reason.  Google is giving out quite a few songs through their Google Play store featuring a lot of big names’ big songs of 2013.  You can find Drake, Daft Punk, MIA, Disclosure, Rihanna, Pearl Jam, the list goes on.  You can even find “New Slaves” by Kanye for no charge.  Which is just about what that song is worth.  Find all the songs here.

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