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It’s been a big week for the Pretty Lights family.  Last week gave us a new album from Paul Basic, which I’ve downloaded but have yet to play through a single song.  The same is not true, however, for the remix album of Pretty Lights’ “A Color Map of the Sun.” For the record, I love remixes, hearing somebody else’s take on a song, what they choose to leave intact, and how they leave their mark on the song.  If there’s one thing the remix album illustrates perfectly, it is how good the songs of ‘Color Map’ are as is.  I’m planning on sitting down with the originals and remixes and listening through, one by one to compare, because every time I sit down to listen to the remix album all the way through, I wind up going back and putting the originals back on.  Highlights include the spacey atmospherics and stuttered drumming of Michal Menert’s “Yellow Bird,” and GRiZ’s interpretation of ‘Vibe Vendetta,’ which makes a typically funky glitch mash-up with his own “Smash the Funk.”  Download it here.

Next is a recommendation from Cyril Hahn via SoundCloud.  This song is the perfect soundtrack to staring out into space, getting lost in your thoughts at work on a Friday afternoon.  Just go with it.  You won’t regret it.  More on Hahn next week.  Until then, busy yourself with Ambassadeurs.  The download link leads to their site, which will trade an email address for the download link.  If you like what you hear, it looks like there’s a few more songs available through their Facebook page.

Last, but definitely not least is an out-of-the-blue mixtape from Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip called ‘The Abstract & The Dragon.’ I’ve found the less frantic the Busta Rhymes, the better and this finds him with a decidedly calm cruise control.  It’s the same environment that’s perfect for Q-Tip to do his thing as well.  I won’t spoil it too much, listen below and find the download here.



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