frankles free fridays

Minneapolis hip hop label Doomtree just made Affiliyated by Gayngs available at no charge through Bandcamp, all you need is trade an email address to get the seven song EP.

Gramatik also just released his entire catalog from 2008 through 2012 as a 1.8 GB torrent on Pirate Bay.  It’s a much-appreciated gift from one of the big proponents of the movement to keep music free, with a kind of expectation that fans will show their appreciation through donation, live events and merchandise along the way.  It’s a great model, and I hope to see it used more often.  Beware the NSFW banner ads.

Adventure Club released part 4 in their Superheroes Anonymous EP through this past week.  The duo have been cranking out songs almost faster than you can listen to them.  It’s not just a matter of quantity, either.  They’re great songs.  Enjoy!


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