Sunday Sounds: James Blake

lil_wayne_james_blakeJames Blake and Disclosure combine to form my two big musical misses for 2013.  Incidentally, they were both at Coachella 2013 and I opted to go elsewhere for music.  Instead of Blake, I caught part of Tanlines’ set, followed by a run to the main stage to see Social Distortion play out the same songs as I’ve heard for years and years, just not as well because it sounded like they may have grown a little sick of them, too.

I shunned Disclosure for months simply because I hated their album artwork.  Sorting through new music is difficult, so if I have a strong feeling about something, even as silly as album artwork, I go with it because it makes those decisions easier.  I will not be employing the same decision-making tactics for 2014.  My time is not that limited, and I would have much rather had learned about both Blake and Disclosure sooner.  Still, the music is recorded and the caboose is still part of the train.  It’s not as if its going anywhere, or will suddenly become unavailable.

The appeal of James Blake’s music isn’t immediately available.  Well, at least it wasn’t for me.  The first time through, it sounded a little boring and uninteresting.  However the closer you listen, the more the music unfolds and the more you recognize the manipulated sounds that go into Blake’s production.  I first really ‘heard’ this when his collaboration with Chance the Rapper on ‘Life Round Here’ popped up on my SoundCloud stream.

This Sunday, try to dial back on the instant judgments.  There’s a lot you might miss if you don’t give music, or anything, a chance to surprise or impress you.


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