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I have a confession: When I’m watching a DJ/knob-twiddler perform live, I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking at.  I know they’re producing the music that’s coming out of the stacks of speakers, sure, but I don’t really know the means by which they’re doing all of it.  What’s worse is that they could totally be just hitting ‘Play’ once at the beginning of the show and faking the rest and I would never know the difference.  There’s no way around this, either, I’m just kind of stuck with it.  So you can imagine my skepticism when a group composed of no less than five members comes along.  I saw Exmag open up for Gramatik last fall, and had expected a wall of indiscernible noise coming at me for the better part of an hour.  Gramatik (both live members) make up 2/5 of Exmag, so at the very least I got to see, with certainty, guitarist Eric Mendelssohn making noise that I could both see the cause and hear the result of. They just release their debut album this week, along with a very serious note:

“Word is born. With Planet Earth in a state of great chaos and turmoil, a force of extraordinary magnitude from across the multiverse has come to assist. As we approach the great inevitability, Exmag brings the soulful sounds of the future to aid in your journey. Peace to all worlds!”

Download here or listen below:

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