Fun Again: BlackGummy | BlackGummy EP

BlackGummy EPA few years ago, the playful tumble of synths and heavy bass of electro lured me in to a burgeoning EDM scene. It was kooky, but also meaningful and led me away from the indie + hip-hop I’d kept in heavy rotation since…well, high school. Music had gotten pretty serious for me, and the music I gravitated to was generally downtempo and lyrically either asked very big existential questions.
Music can be serious but it can also be fun, and somewhere along the way, I’d lost sight of that.

I didn’t realize until I heard BlackGummy’s new self-titled EP (thanks for the assist, The Untz) that I had once again fallen into the same funk.  They compared him to deadmau5, but if I had to make a comparison, I think he more closely resembles a less serious Porter Robinson.  The songs are fun, they have a driving, gruff and playful electro sound and most importantly, they’ll make you get off your ass and dance.

Listen and/or download below, find BlackGummy on Facebook here:


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