frankles free fridays

First up this week is German electronic duo Digitalism with a new track, Fahrenheit 32.  It’s a “farewell for now” kind of post, as well as a promise and preview of things to come.  I’m happy to see the duo join the growing ranks of artists in the early 90’s house revival movement.  The vocal samples, the hard-hitting, simple beat drive the listener through six+ minutes of goodness.

Second is an unlikely-paired mash-up of “Sleepless” by Flume and Lorde’s “The Love Club.”  The party responsible for the mix is Wekeed, a duo from Paris with a clever angle on garnering media attention.  They mix the vocal strength of Lorde together seamlessly with Flume’s hip-hop production style to create something unique and very listenable.  Listen below, download here.

While this doesn’t qualify as a download, having access to the full stream of Above & Beyond’s live show is probably the next best thing.  There is a shift with a group of producers moving towards more traditional live performances, along with what Pretty Lights did last year and what Tycho has planned for the coming one.  Watch the performance below:

*edit: Updated A&B link

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