frankles free fridays

frankles free fridaysModular People is an interesting business model for musicians.  Instead of dedicated services for one aspect of a musician’s life, like the record label, the agent, and the tour manager, they take on all the work themselves.  Kinda like getting an oil change, tune-up and car wash with your tank of gas.  The label has been home to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Presets, Chromeo, and the group responsible for this podcast (Modcast as they’d like to call it. Typical.), Klaxons.  If you don’t know Klaxons, you should.  Start right now:

Digitalism announced a few weeks ago that they’d be taking some time off to concentrate on creating new music in the studio, but it looks like they may be having second thoughts on that vow of silence.  Filled to the brim with laid back and deep-house goodness, ‘Isi Listening Hour’ will serve as a warm-up for their 2014 US Residency in an undisclosed warehouse in east Los Angeles.  While it only shows as a one-date residency, I’m sure this is a sign of things to come.

STS9 split with founding member and bassist David Murphy last month, forcing them (sort of, but not really) to cancel their winter tour.  They seem to be trying to get back on their fans’ good sides by releasing the recordings from all five shows they did at the Tabernacle in Atlanta leading up to New Years.  They’re all available through SoundCloud, and this one features the guys from Cherub on a couple songs:

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