frankles free fridays

frankles free fridaysThe folks at Do Androids Dance received an anonymous submission this week that sent the rumor mill into overdrive.  It’s a deep house remix of Outkast‘s ‘Miss Jackson’ called ‘Moves like Ms Jackson.’  It seems some irresponsible blogger along the way determined this was a Disclosure remix, if only to set the rumors ablaze.  But it’s not Disclosure, because it’s not good enough, and by good, I mean it’s not 90’s house enough.  I even pissed off the author of the Magnetic Magazine article enough when I told them it wasn’t Disclosure, because Disclosure doesn’t produce Deep House, that they edited the article to read, “the track is a nu-disco (not deep house!) groover…”  Sure, this could very well be a remix from Chromeo.  Assuming they took a load of Quaalude’s before they sat down to make it.  Arguments aside, it’s pretty sweet.

Big Gigantic just dropped a new album last Tuesday, and it’s full of some very Valentine’s Night sexy jams.  Dig the sweet sax overlaying the marching drumbeats and manic synth lines.  It’s funny, my first reaction when I opened the zip file was, “Your whole album is only eleven songs?!”  I had this feeling of being ripped off, despite not paying a dime.  But then I thought that maybe I’ve been spoiled by longer playing albums, like the 18 songs on Feed Me’s “Calamari Tuesday,” and maybe it’s better that they release eight really good songs instead of an obligatory 14 or 15 songs where much of the extra songs would be filler.  Preview the album below on their collab with Cherub, then click the link to download the entire album from their site.

Last, but certainly not least, is a cover courtesy of MØ.  She’s decided to grace the world with her cover of the 1996 Spice Girls single, “Say You’ll Be There.”  No need to get too wordy here.  It’s a gift you can’t return, but you can certainly pass it on.

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