frankles free fridays

frankles free fridaysI love this song.  I love Bonobo.  I love Bonobo’s remix of this song.  Thanks, Bonobo!

It’s not a great remix, it doesn’t improve the song, but I’ll still give a listen to anything involving The Fugees’ second album.  This injects a lotta base, a little trappings, and threatens to be really good when the vocals are sampled and reorganized, but then it kind of goes back to the song, as-is, aside from a slightly tweaked beat.  May be worth a download.

It’s a little late for Valentines, but that’s probably a good thing because this song would get most people slapped in the face.  It’s interesting that they misogyny is easier to bear when it’s delivered by the Weeknd’s trilly falsetto.  The next verse…not so much.  The male self-entitlement vocalizing the expectation of sex in exchange for champagne is ridiculous at best.  The creaky bed-springs almost make up for it, though.  Almost.

I found a fourth song.  I usually only post three, but what the hell.  This comes from the same people/person who submitted the Ms Jackson remix I posted and griped about last week.  This time it’s an original, and it’s also awesome.

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