frankles free fridays

The Weeknd gets in on the “Drunk in Love” action, shifting the perspective to male.  It’s not going to improve on Beyonce’s version because, well, please.  But it’s good, everything’s been muted, and Bey’s “buoy-bay” got replaced by a standard “baby.”  Unlike Diplo’s version, The Weeknd’s made his mix available for free.  

He’s little, he’s French and he’s loud.  Madeon created a puzzle for his fans to solve in order to access an unreleased track called “Cut the Kid.”  Being the lazy gamer that I am, I tried my hand at guessing my way through for a whopping thirty seconds before putting a stronger effort into finding somebody a bit more persistent who A) already solved the puzzle and B) took the extra time to share it.  Thanks for saving the day as usual, reddit!  Puzzle is here, answer is here.

Finally, we have an accidental find from Australian producer Touch Sensitive.  I’ve been playing Young & Sick’s new song, “Glass” about five times a day and on Wednesday I just decided to let the SoundCloud stream just keep playing.  I’m glad I did, because what came on next was seven minutes of airy, yet muted electronic bliss.  It’s a good daydreaming song.  Appreciation to fellow Australian producer Flume for re-posting the song.  Listen below, then hit the download link to trade a Facebook like for the download.

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