frankles free fridays

frankles free fridaysPorter Robinson released a soft, whooshing song to the world last week, complete with appropriately pink and whooshy artwork.  It sounds like it should/will be the first song on his new album, released on the deadmau5 imprint under Astralwerks. Kid Cudi pulled a Beyonce last week and dropped a surprise album overnight.  Originally announced as an EP, it seems he had a little more to say than five or six songs would have allowed.  More Cudi always means more happiness for me.  Even WZRD. I was on an exploration of the ‘Deep House’ section of SoundCloud and I happened upon a Leonard Cohen remix.  I thought it odd.  Not that somebody had chosen to remix a Leonard Cohen song, but that it had taken this long for me to find one.  It’s clearly, and wisely not attempting to emulate the original, instead using the song as a kind of inspiration for new production while leaving the vocals relatively intact.

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