Sunday Sounds: The Beta Band

The Beta BandYou know those Sundays where you wake up late, but it doesn’t bother you because you don’t have anything going on, no obligations to speak of?   There is an inevitable, epic yawn that always follows that calm realization.  This yawn is long, gratifying and seems to be a regular yawn but in slow motion.  If that particular, gratifying yawn was a band, that band would be The Beta Band.

The Beta Band’s vocalist, Steve Mason sounds as if he’s locked himself in a daydream, and his lyrics seem to speak directly from that half-lucid state of mind, perfect for a serenely groggy Sunday afternoon.  Some days it’s best to shut the world out contemplate your navel.

This Sunday, do what Uncle Steve tells you to.  Or, you know, burn through a TV series, take a nap, make pancakes, you get the idea.

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