frankles free fridays

frankles free fridaysBeats Antique are celebrating their upcoming release, ‘A Thousand Faces Act Two’ by releasing bits and pieces of their back-catalog over the weeks leading up to the new album.  Here’s a taste of 2009’s ‘Contraption.’  Follow the link to their Bandcamp site to download.

Kaskade released a barrage of conversational and explanatory tweets yesterday explaining that he can’t release music right now, as he’s between labels.  Then he released a song through SoundCloud and YouTube…

This has a kind of Sesame Street feel to it, but Griz remixed Lettuce and, as is his custom, released it free of charge.  The funk of Lettuce gets augmented with Griz’s slinky sax work, who enlists the vocal talent of Jessica Breanne, sounding like a sort of Lil Kim/Missy combo, one or two octaves up.  Good stuff.

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