Sunday Sounds: Young & Sick

Young & Sick HFYoung & Sick is the dual visual and sound arts project from Nick Van Hofwegan, a Dutch living in LA.  Sonically, he sounds like a modern white version of Marvin Gaye and, similarly, seems to have made it his main goal to get people making babies.  Visually, (as I’ve stated before) he’s like a more intricate and abstract version of Keith Haring.  You would have seen a lot of his work if you followed the Buku Music and Arts Festival in New Orleans, or more recently SXSW.

Next up on his festival circuit is two weekends of Coachella, not far from his home.  I’m interested to see how his music translates to a live setting, whether he can maintain the intimate bedroom-tone of his music when the setting is square in the afternoon, the middle of the desert.

The first I heard of Young & Sick was the 7″ released a couple months ago, including the songs ‘Willow’ and ‘Magnolia,’ and I was blown away by how well he crafts a song.  The bouncing, playful tone of ‘Willow’ reflects the lyrical content of young lovers, just getting to know each other.  Even after a few listens through “Heartache Fetish,” I’m struggling to find that kind of cohesion.  There’s still a lot to love about the album, including the title track, ‘Glass’ and ‘Valium.’

The album is streaming ahead of its April 8th release date over at Hype Machine.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Sounds: Young & Sick

  1. You will NOT be dissappointed by the live show. Im lucky enough to have seen Young & Sick play 3 times already and have been blown away by how the songs translate. Nick is such an incredibly talented artist and he’s put together a fantastic band to support him live.

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