frankles free fridays

After a small hiatus, we’re back with more new music!  It turns out a trip to Coachella will knock a person out of commission for a week or so.  I’ll have to consider a fill-in for Electric Forest in June…

Speaking of Coachella, the first selection today comes from Bonobo, who was billed as a DJ set, but came out with his full band anyway.  There’s no real downside to that situation, one way or the other.  Bonobo, also known as Simon Green knows how to craft a set and work a crowd with the best of them.  Here’s a fine example  to prove it, the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix released this past week.  Gets more interesting with each listen.

Zhu is an artist in a purposeful shroud masking the artist’s identity, presumably so the attention they’re getting gets focused on the work itself and not the person producing the work.  Originally thought to be a big name producer releasing music anonymously, Zhu slowly let it slip over the past month that he is in fact, a newb in the producing world.  Further, with the release of his debut EP, “Night and Day,” she’s proving to be a perfectly capable new artist in the electronic music world.

One of Diplo’s seemingly countless finds, Kygo, takes music in a much different direction than Diplo’s been heading into full steam for the past few years.  Instead of  a “Bumaye Part 4 or 5,” we’re met with sweet, sultry sounds of deep house.   Also worth checking out is the mix Kygo put together for Diplo’s show, “Diplo and Friends” for the BBC (link here).

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