frankles free fridays

First up is a Pixies remix, which I don’t see nearly enough of.  The vocals are unfortunately missing from this version by Mt. Eden, but it manages to attain the ideal balance in a remix, leaving enough of the song and parts intact enough to remain recognizable, and using those parts to create a fresh work.

Next is a cover of the seminal “In Your Eyes,” originally by Peter Gabriel that’s been stripped down, slowed and oozily performed by Banks.  There’s quite a bit going on in higher frequencies that serve as a sort of tribute within a tribute, nodding to Gabriel’s delicately layered compositions.  Again, it strikes a proper balance between the original and the performer.

Jeremiah Jae, recently featured by NPR and signed to Warp Records, released his second mixtape this week, titled, “Good Times.”  It’s a great mix of downtempo hip-hop mixed with…wait a second…what is this?  Another ‘Drunk in Love’ remix?  A mash-up, you say?  Come to the front of the line, E-Ternity.  Love what you did with the Djemba Djemba.  I’ll take it.  (Seriously, the JJ mixtape is dope, but Bey…)



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