Sunday Sounds: Kygo

Kygo No, not the Denver-based country music radio station.  Not even close.  This Kygo is a Norwegian-sourced producer of some of the most catchy and intoxicating deep house songs and remixes coming out right now.

This post is kicking off a new monthly(-ish) theme dedicating all my posts and reviews to performers of Electric Forest, a music festival in western Michigan set to kick off it’s fourth year next month, June 26-29th.  It will likely be called, “Road to Electric Forest,” as I’ll be taking a road trip with a few friends late next month.

Kygo is a 22 year old producer, who was turned on to the electronic music world by Avicii before the rest of the world had found him.  However, it seems he may have made a conscious decision to opt for a slower and decidedly less anthemic dance music than his inspiration.

His remix style is my favorite kind, leaving enough intact of the original to remain recognizable, at the same time creating something unique and bearing his own stamp.  Even if that stamp is still very much in the developmental stages.  Just listen to his remix of James Blake’s “Limit to Your Love.”  Blake’s basic components are all present, but there’s parts Kygo manipulated in order to drive the song in his direction.

This music is perfect for late nights, after the big, loud in-your-face main-stage act is done and you’re ready to wind down.  This is perfect music for a festivals’ epilogue.  For a good demonstration of Kygo’s abilities, where according to Diplo, he keeps the beat at a sexy 100 beats per minute, listen below to his guest set on BBC Radio 1’s Diplo and Friends.  Before you ask, yes, that is indeed an extended ‘Sexual Healing’ remix.

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