frankles free fridays: Electric Forest Part I

frankles EF logoMichal Menert and Manic Focus’ new joint project, Manic Menert were added in the fourth and final round of line-up announcements last week.  Either JMac or Menert must have figured out how to Vulcan Mind-Meld, because they seem to be perfectly in sync and equally represented in “The One You Love.”  Looking forward to getting down with these fellas.

Chrome Sparks has pretty album art, and their music is even more so.  This is an hour preview/mix-tape they made for Snowball, sponsored by the Sole bicycle company, which takes the listener through a sort of early morning inner monologue of Jeremy Malvin.  (aka Chrome Sparks)  There’s an explanation of his progressions and 180’s here that’s worth reading as you embark on his musical trip.

Much like “Mack the Knife,” you won’t necessarily see the blade that gave Luke the Knife his name, but you will definitely hear it.  The nickname for Luke Miller, of Lotus fame, stems from use use of an exacto knife he uses to cut physical tape to create some of his mixes and transitions.  That’s right, he literally cuts and pastes music together, requiring an entirely different kind of surgical skill-set and the patience of a saint to get everything to sync up.  Something tells me you won’t find Traktor anywhere in his arsenal.

I may have underestimated the impact that the 1990 buddy-comedy, Men at Work, had on me, because my first thought any time I hear the words “Golf Clap,” I think of this.  Perhaps this mix, created especially for Electric Forest, will help me break that association, or at the very least introduce a new one.  That would certainly be a feat worth…wait for it…

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