frankles free fridays: Electric Forest Part II


First up is a song from Anna Lunoe, called “Bass Drum Dealer.”  It’s a good sample of what she’s all about, with an aggressive beat, house sensibilities and features herself in the vocal samples.

What the fuck is a Zoogma?  This is a Zoogma…production.  It’s well outside of their normal vein, but I’m happy to see them working outside of their typical boundaries.  The Big Lebowski samples are perfectly places, and the mash-up of Biggie and The Eagles reminds me of the Grey Album, Jadiohead and Wugazi.  Kinda hoping to see them go off in left field with work like this in a live setting.

This is a higher BPM than I’m use to hearing Tycho hovering around, and like Zoogma, it turns out to be a welcome change.  He manages to shift Little Dragon’s four-piece pop sound into a softer, down-tempo nugget.  It’s like he can do no wrong.  Wait, has he ever done wrong?

Diplo & GTA got together and made the musical equivalent of an eight ball.  Or a monster truck. I love the Missy samples woven together, the throbbing beat and how even at work, it gets my entire body moving.  Sorry, coworkers, just going to jam in my chair for four minutes.  No, I don’t have to go to the bathroom, and yes, I will be listening to the song at least two more times.  After the next time.


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