Sunday Sounds: Matt and Kim

EF: Matt and KimSometimes, Sundays get to be the fun day.  Nothing about the struggles or lessons of the previous week, no mind for the days that lie ahead.  Some Sundays are just an extension of Saturday.

When your Sunday is more like a house party than a brunch quiche, when shots supplant mimosa’s, the soundtrack to your day should be provided by Matt and Kim.  They make loud, feel good electro-pop that plays like sunshine for your ears.

If you ever get the chance to see them play live, please do.  They put on a really fun show, keeping the crowd involved and dancing, and every show features an interlude where Kim actually walks out onto the hands of the crowd and shakes her booty.  It’s an impressive feat, and involves a LOT of trust on her part, that those supporting her will keep her up and steady.  Their upbeat and eccentric style carries over into their videos as well, which are all worth checking out.

This Sunday…consider letting go, living in the moment and enjoying the odd spectacle that is life.  I’ll be doing just that when I see them at Electric Forest next weekend.  More information on EF here and here.  Come join the party!

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