Sunday Sounds: Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont at CoachellaMy introduction to Duke Dumont came in the week or so leading up to Coachella earlier this year. His name appeared on several lists of “Can’t Miss Artists” or performers you may not know about, but should. He fit perfectly into both categories.

Duke Dumont’s tutelage came under the watchful eye (and talented ears) of Switch, an original member of Major Lazer and an accomplished producer in his own right. His first release came back in 2007, a three-song EP called “Regality,” fitting in with his royalty theme/mythos. He released another EP in 2008 then disappeared mysteriously until 2012.

In that time, he relocated from the bustling megalopolis of London to a small, quiet village in rural England to focus on making his own music. In 2012, he proved that was obviously and definitively the right decision, with his first two releases of his “For Club Play Only” series. Since then, he’s been releasing a steady supply of infectious deep house originals and high-quality remixes in which he manages to impart his sound without taking away from the original.

Duke Dumont’s music seems to echo the high-paced pulse of city life, which is interesting, considering it was created in a studio which allegedly overlooks a forest. Despite the contrast of activity and the ratio of concrete to trees, his production of house is a perfect execution of a long-standing formula, and aligns with other acts like Disclosure who are embracing the simple and raw emotional power of 90′s house.

This Sunday, try something unexpected. If you’re feeling tired and just want to sit around all day, try playing some of the music below. Play it in your yard, or from your phone propped on your chest as your lying on the couch.

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