frankles free fridays

The electronic music world is a strange beast. It seems that the more producers like a song, the more they want to tinker with it. The barometer for success of a song can often be gauged by how many remixes pop up after its released. In the case of Bondax’s “Giving it All,” this would indicate a very successful release. It’s a shiny, happy falsetto-laden track that should get you smiling. Especially important on a Friday.

Speaking of remixes, here’s Moon Boots’ take on Chvrches’ “The Mother We Share.” He sets the song to a deep groove typical of disco, setting it up as a sort of Donna Summer tribute mix, with a touch of lounge to adjust the tone to match the original.  After all, Chvurches can’t be too happy.

Lastly, it’s time to get down and dirty. Nasty, trappy, Jodi Highrollin dirty. I can’t explain why I like RiFF RAFF as much as I do. Maybe it’s the fine line he walks between real life and satire, with his bragging, his forced swagger and his all Versace-everything. He also has what I believe will be the album cover of the year. This is Meaux Green’s Traptastic take on “How to be the Man.” Just try not to nod your head right off your shoulders.

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