frankles free fridays

Sam Smith dropped a new Armand Van Helden remix on his SoundCloud page today, which I happily shared with a few friends, and one sent back this remix by Prince Fox. His take on the song shifts it into a dark, sexy gear with a slight whiff of Trap. It’s definitely a mood-setter for Friday night sexytime. But then, what Sam Smith song isn’t?

I’ve been on a Rustie kick lately, anxiously awaiting his full length release “Green Language” this month, filling my time with his collab with Danny Brown and this remix he did for Pusha-T’s song with Tyler the Creator called, “Trouble on My Mind.” Rustie lays his bright synths over the song, punctuated by hard-hitting bass that probably isn’t safe for small children, elderly folks, the faint at heart or pregnant women.

Lastly, we have a new song from Emancipator, who’s been busy carting a full band along with him for the past year as Emancipator Ensemble. In his first song since “Dusk to Dawn,” it sounds like Doug Appling may be preparing music to compliment his upcoming tour-mates, Beats Antique. The rhythms as well as the guitar lines, which are typically downtempo and morose are more uplifting, and even border on playful. Definitely a new direction, if only for a song.


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