frankles free fridays

Break Science dropped a little golden nugget yesterday with an unlikely mash-up (most of the good ones are) blending the laid back, slow jam of Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” with the even more laid back, slow jam of Tycho’s “Take a Walk.” The result is a truly surreal swaying rhythm, with the two seemingly contradicting melodies merged together masterfully. It’s even been made Safe For Work, with a stuttered Don’t-Don’t in place of the B-word.


This Mat Zo song starts out with piggie-like sounds. Not the sounds that actual piggies make, but the sound a child’s piggy toy makes. The song then bridges into a sort of 90’s house sample-heavy tribute, bouncing in the vocals between “right to left, left to right and right to left.” But it winds up sounding like “write to left, left to write.” It’s clever, which is typical for MZ.


A lesser known producer, Luke Shay enlisted the help of Evan Duffy to re-work the vocoder-heavy “Sleepless” by Cazzette into a prog-house anthem. Move your feet, throw up your hands, forget all your worries and dance your ass off kind of music. It’s a stark contrast to the morose, sad nature of the lyrics. Fuck it, with the production on this they could be singing about working as a mortgage counselor and I’d find it inspirational and uplifting.

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