frankles free fridays

DJ Shadow announced that he’s starting his own record label, and calling it Liquid Amber, which is only nominally less cool than Jurassic Park’s petrified amber. That Spielberg is such a hipster. Along with the label announcement, he released a fittingly named “Liquid Amber EP,” and made 1/3 of its songs tracks available for free via THUMP.  Like most DJ Shadow, this song is ideal for listening through headphones, and walking down the sidewalk with your hands in your pockets, bouncing to the beat with each step.

Chromeo seems to have a lot of pull in the music world. They have an entire range of producers remixing their songs, and up until this Matt Zo remix of their collab with the Jay-Z-kicking Solange, Savoy’s remix was my favorite. The rearrangement is pretty brilliant, creating an almost breakbeat feel to the verses, then he reigns it in for the chorus where it starts to sound like the familiar Chromeo sound. Nod to This Song is Sick for making this available for free.

File under: Obnoxious. I’m not sure if there’s anything else I can say about this song. But it’s Riff Raff, and I’m on a shitty white trash rapper kick lately. But this isn’t really Riff Raff, is it? If this song, by chance, makes you sad and you just can’t stand it, why don’t you look up some of the Vines people are submitting to Riff Raff to audition for his “Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz” video. I’ll get you started. Here and here.

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