frankles free fridays

If you haven’t caught a Duke Dumont show, you are missing out. The next chance you get to see him play, make it a priority. In the meantime, fill your ears with the sweet sounds of house reminiscent of the 90’s heyday of the genre. The past couple years have been a second coming of sorts, with the help of Duke Dumont, Disclosure and others. Grab this mix for the next day or so it’s available.

Chet Faker remixes should come with a warning label of addiction, and this one is no different. Jon of Rufus Du Sol, aka Juan Du Sol gave “Blush” a dark, clubby makeover in his ‘Late Night Touch Up’ remix, that presses a Chet Faker song like clay into a kind of Rufus Du Sol mold. Or filter. It’s a perfect compliment for Chet Faker’s vocals.

Bonobo is embarking on a brief US tour for a string of DJ-only shows, and he’s kicking it off with this mix he put together for Vice’s electronic music blog, Thump. He must make every musician and producer (Yes, I think a producer is a musician, but he has two different roles, so I’m acknowledging both) he encounters green with envy. Musically, the man can do no wrong. I’ve got to believe he chews with his mouth open, or hates puppies or something. It’s the only way I’d believe he is actually human. Just like Tycho.

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