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One of the very few things I like more than a good remix is a good cover. The two follow much of the same rules: a. Leave the song intact enough to be recognizable, b. Make it your own, and c. Don’t fuck it up. Sarah Winters nailed all three on her cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools.” Her dissonant piano serves as the brooding, dark replacement for Kendrick’s anchoring ‘Drank.’ The verses are sparse and quiet, creating an air of loneliness and alienation. As the song transitions into the chorus, the instrumentation grows more frantic as the dranking increases into a fray of mixed emotions. Fittingly, she leaves the song in a slow spin and fade.

Wait, is that…is that early U2? Is it that one song from The Bodeans? Nope, it’s a German producer by the name of Tinush remixing Bon Iver’s “Holocene” into an altogether different song. Much of the original is left intact, but it’s been surgically separated, festooned with a delay and a steady House beat laid over top of the rearrangement. The effect is strange; I’ve never wanted to dance and cry at the same time before.

TÂCHES, whose name I haven’t a clue on how to pronounce, put a mix together for Gotta Dance Dirty. There’s something about a good deep house mix that you can use as a soundtrack for relaxing at home on the couch, working in the yard, pre-parties, after-parties, pretty much anywhere at any time. Use this hour long mix as a sonic background for your weekend and just try to find a scenario where it’s out of place.

I usually only post three downloads on Fridays. If I find something I really like while I’m putting the post together, I might swap it out with a mix or song I already have, or save it for next week. This was too much to pass up, and I didn’t want to get rid of the three previous entries. So here’s a bonus edition fourth download from a mystery producer by the name of Champagne Drip who put a mix together for The Well and presented by Thump. It’s 40 delicious minutes of head nods and littered with a few, “Wait, what the hell just happened?” moments. Enjoy.

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