frankles free fridays

Summer is over. There, I said it. But instead of mourning the loss of summer, why not embrace it one last time with help from Hot Since 82. Clocking in at a whopping 2 1/2 hours, the mix zig zags between house and techno, and serves as a kind of motivational background speaker for any activity requiring a little more gumption. Mixes this long are great soundtracks for housecleaning. Or, you know, something less domesticated.

You know what Anna Lunoe has a knack for? Bass. Big, marching, steady bass. From the sound of it, she brought Treasure Fingers along for the ride, and illustrate how to do bass right. Right in the fucking face, in the case of Bad MF. I love the vocal sample, and after seeing her perform live, I love the thought of her dancing like a maniac to her own music, sometimes harder than anybody else in the room.

I’ve been on a heavy electro-chanteuse kick lately, which is actually a thing, and BANKS. has been squarely in the middle of it. I’ve been peeling away at the layers of her less-than humbly titled “Goddess,” and I can’t get over how it steadily improves with each listen. Australian producer Ta-Ku managed to strip the song of its grating, abrasive desperation and replaced it with a skittering, writhing strings pushed about by bass that sounds like the underground rumblings of a very large animal. Just as addictive as the original.


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