frankles free fridays

I’d love to write about how sick I was yesterday to impress upon you how impossible it would have been to put together this post. Here are two ‘markers’ of my being sick that tell me it’s more than just a head cold or that I’m simply low on sleep: A) An uncharacteristically strong urge to watch absolutely terrible action movies. I actually expended energy on trying to find “Parker,” starring Jason Statham, so I could watch it for a second time. B) I cry at everything. Even crappy commercials. Even Clone Wars. There, now you know more about me than most people.

First up, Champagne Drip just dropped a 4-song EP on the heels of the mix he/she/they put together for THUMP. No word yet on the identity behind the project, but that doesn’t really matter as much as long as we continue to receive this kind of output from him/her/them. I’m looking at you, Jai Paul. Perhaps the Burial/Zhu route is best for some producers, especially those reluctant to step into the spotlight. Let the music speak for itself and allow the listener to figure out what it means.

This past week, Odesza announced a remix contest for “Say My Name,” featuring Zyra on vocals, in partnership with This Song is Sick. They’re providing all the stems as well as some inspirational assistance from an interesting variety of producers. If you’re looking for something slow and melodic, check Emancipator’s rework, and if you’re thinking of a more upbeat, in-your-face approach, take a listen to the GANZ version instead. If your remix is chosen by the band, you’ll be featured in one of their upcoming No.Sleep mixes

Thom Yorke would like to welcome you to the seedy underworld that is BitTorrent. Okay, okay, so there’s a completely legitimate side to BitTorrent that you don’t always hear about, because every ‘good’ story is buried in a hundred other ‘bad’ stories about how 6.7 petabyes (1 petabyte is 1 million gigabytes) of unauthorized content was exchanged over BitTorrent in 2013, according to a study by NBCUniversal, aka Comcast. Do you see now why they have such a strong interest in controlling Internet traffic?

But I digress, Thom Yorke is attempting to release his music in the most direct way possible, eliminating as many middle men as he can. As much as we’d all like Thom Yorke to show up at our front door and hand over a record, this will have to do for a substitute. The free part of the album is the song, “Brain in a Bottle,” along with a video for the same song. The full album is a mere six bucks if you like what you hear.

You’ll need a torrent client, of course. I recommend uTorrent, but there are a bunch of alternatives to choose from. Once you’re all set, go here for the music.

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